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Upper Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

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Upper Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (UP-GLSI)
Engage & Educate

Students, teachers & community partners work together on quality, place-based stewardship projects

The initiative is a network for teachers, students and community members to collaborate as Project Teams to plan and execute quality, place-based environmental stewardship projects. The Superior Watershed Partnership serves as the hub coordinator and a project partner. The workshops and coordination provided by the Upper Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative give teachers time to plan and implement real world projects with their students that directly serve their communities.

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The following map shows the schools eligible for the UP-GLSI across the central UP.

Click on the maps to enlarge.

The following two maps show greater level of detail in the more developed regions.

The below map shows the eligible schools in the Little Bay de Noc Region.

The below map shows eligible schools in the Marquette County region.