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SWP Team


Carl Lindquist Executive Director

During his environmental career Lindquist has worked at the local level, state level (Wisconsin, Vermont) and federal level (two National Parks; Mt. Rainier and Isle Royale) but for the last 25 years he has been grateful to work at the non-profit level as the Executive Director of the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP). Founded in 1999 the SWP will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary this fall (more information soon)! He is proud of his work with the SWP Board in creating the SWP Great Lakes Climate Corps (GLCC), SWP Land Conservancy, SWP Energy and Climate Office, SWP Volunteer Corps (Governor’s Award Winner) and K-12 Great Lakes Education Programs! Lindquist has served on numerous boards and advisory bodies including two terms as the US Chair of the Lake Superior Binational Forum (US and Canada). He also helped form the Climate Adaptation Task Force (CATF) which assists communities and Tribes with climate adaptation. A strong supporter of the arts he helped establish the Concert for Lake Superior and the Boreal Chamber Symphony. Lindquist is also an accomplished piano composer, an avid bicyclist (including a trans-Canada trip) and takes great pride in his two adult children (Nels and Ingrid). He studied Environmental Management, Anthropology and Writing and received his degree through the University of Wisconsin with graduate coursework in Public Administration through Northern Michigan University.


Gina Rotter Accountant and Grant Administrator

Gina joined the SWP in March 2020, bringing 2 years of public accounting experience providing assurance services to government and tribal industries. She graduated with honors from Northern Michigan University with a B.S. in Accounting. Gina is responsible for general accounting, financial analysis of projects, and grant management and financial reporting.

Arlo 3


Arlo joined the SWP team in July of 2021 as an 8 week old puppy! Arlo is responsible for greeting friends, boosting office moral & providing stress relief around the office. Arlo’s hobbies include playing catch with a frisbee, taking long naps under Gina’s desk & watching squirrels play outside. Arlo’s favorite part about being the SWP office dog is getting belly rubs and treats from everyone!



Bjorne joined the SWP team in August of 2022 as a 12 week old newfoundland puppy. Bjorne is responsible for assisting SWP technical staff with their lunch and periodic play breaks to ensure staff stay focused and productive throughout the workday. He is highly motivated by peanut butter & carrots. Our playful giant is extremely proficient in shedding, treat eating and stealing Arlo’s toys.

Me at huron river

Geraldine Grant Senior Planner

Geri is responsible for leading the organization’s watershed planning and habitat restoration programs. In addition to program coordination, Ms. Grant works closely with local, state, and federal partners to further the organization’s mission. Geri specializes in natural resources planning, aquatic ecosystem restoration, physical and biological field assessments, and special studies related to Great Lakes priority issues. Geri possesses a Master of Science in Biology (Aquatic Ecology/Fisheries) and over 28 years of experience in the field of natural resources including 13 years of federal service as a Fisheries Biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Jeff profile 1 cropped

Jeff Koch Partnering for Watershed Restoration (PWR) Coordinator and Great Lakes Climate Corps (GLCC) Program Manager

Jeff is responsible for coordinating watershed restoration efforts, grant opportunities, workshops, and newsletters for the Partnering for Watershed Restoration (PWR) group. He is also involved in many other projects at SWP, including the Great Lakes Climate Corps (GLCC), Community Environmental Monitoring Program (CEMP), and GIS analysis. Jeff brings a diverse skillset to SWP obtained through 20 years of professional natural resource experience, including 10 years with the Ottawa National Forest in wildfire suppression, fire ecology, and GIS analysis, and five years as an environmental scientist with a consulting company performing groundwater sampling, surface water sampling and wetland delineations. He holds a B.S. degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.


Tyler Penrod Great Lakes Climate Corps (GLCC) Program Manager and Climate Adaptation Task Force (CATF) Coordinator

Tyler uses his first-hand experience as a former Great Lakes Climate Corps (GLCC) Crew Member and Crew Leader to plan, train, and supervise GLCC projects while working closely with tribal, federal, state, and local partners to implement a variety of environmental and recreation projects in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and throughout the Upper Great Lakes Region. With climate change adaptation and mitigation at the core of his work, Tyler serves the Marquette County Climate Adaptation Task Force (CATF) as Coordinator and is working to expand SWP's low-income energy assistance program. Tyler holds a B.S. degree in Ecology and Public Relations from Northern Michigan University.


Kathleen Henry Special Projects Coordinator and Education Specialist

Kathleen coordinates SWP’s community/preK-12 education and outreach programming and assists with grant writing, reporting, and management.  Kathleen is a  certified National Geographic Educator, returned Peace Corps Uganda Volunteer, National Park Service Teacher-Ranger-Teacher participant, and NCCC AmeriCorps alum, earning her a Congressional Service Award. She holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University (M.S. in Education; Special Education and Early Elementary) and Northern Michigan University (B.S. in Environmental Studies; minors in Native American Studies and Political Science). With extensive experience in environmental education and leading formal classrooms, Kathleen strives to engage the Upper Peninsula community in hands-on, relevant, and impactful environmental experiences—singing along the way!


Solomon Kronberg Special Projects Coordinator

Solomon uses his skills in social and ecological research methods, technical writing, and team management to coordinate projects with MEAP's Energy Technicians, monitor and manage SWP's Land Trust properties, and work with the Grant Writing Team to author funding proposals. He holds a B.A. in Comparative Cultures & Politics with minors in Political Economy and Natural Resource Management from Michigan State University's James Madison College. Solomon has contributed to UNESCO impact assessments, was an alternate finalist in the 2022 Fulbright Research Competition, and is currently publishing work considering the cultural implications of environmental change in Northern Thailand and the Upper Peninsula.

2023 SWP Great Lakes Climate Corps


SWP Energy/Climate Office Staff


Tonya Swenor Energy & Climate Program Manager

A leader and advocate for low-income residents of the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, Tonya Swenor started at the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) as an intern in 2011, and has since has led conservation and social service programs including the Better Buildings for Michigan, Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) and the Tribal Youth Conservation Corps. She has been an active member of several state-wide and local workgroups and partnerships focused on collaboration among existing energy assistance systems. In 2021, Tonya was invited by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to join the UP Energy Task Force, focusing on serving the low-income population with energy assistance and home energy security. Tonya manages the SWP Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP), which has provided energy assistance and self-sufficiency services to over 4,000 eligible low-income households, through a grant administered by the Michigan Public Service Commission and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. In an effort to make the SWP MEAP a “one-stop shop,” she began working with the Department of Energy in 2019 to implement the Home Energy Score (HES) program, and formed relationships with utility partners to compliment the HES by creating direct referrals for energy waste reduction services. These collaborations have benefitted hundreds of families with utility bill assistance, free home energy improvements, residential solar installations and utility energy waste reduction services. Tonya’s passion for energy conservation, energy education, and energy security shines through in the real work she does every day.


Kasey Grieco Assistant Energy & Climate Program Manager

Kasey started with the Superior Watershed Partnership in early 2021 as a Caseworker & was shortly promoted to Assistant Program Manager. Kasey provides day to day oversight of the MEAP program while coordinating with MEAP partners & energy providers to ensure client’s energy needs are met. Kasey is very passionate when it comes to helping those in need achieve energy security. Ms. Grieco possesses a B.A. in English & Women’s Studies from Guilford College as well as an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine.


Marissa Martz Administrative Coordinator

Marissa started with the Superior Watershed Partnership in late 2020, right after obtaining her B.S. in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from Northern Michigan University. Marissa coordinates all energy assistance payments for MEAP clients & is the main contact for all energy providers that partner with the SWP MEAP program. Marissa also assists with SWP related field work and education events where she specializes in invasive species. Marissa has always been passionate about environmental conservation & helping those in need. She enjoys being a voice for more sustainable lifestyles and land uses throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


Andrew Jessen Energy Education Coordinator

Andrew joined the SWP MEAP team in early 2021. As the Energy Education Coordinator, Andrew creates workshops for MEAP clients to educate them on topics such as: energy efficiency, energy waste reduction, sustainability and more. Andrew collaborates the GLCC Energy Crew to provide education & conservation opportunities for all MEAP clients. Andrew is also responsible for creating and distributing energy efficiency kits for select households. Andrew possesses a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Sustainability with a concentration in Renewable Energy from Northern Michigan University.


Kelly Jensen Intake Coordinator

Kelly started with the Superior Watershed Partnership in late 2019 as a caseworker. After her promotion in 2021, Kelly coordinates and prioritizes all incoming energy assistance requests from MEAP clients, ensuring their energy needs are met. Kelly enjoys assisting those in need.


Julia Anderson Energy Services Office Coordinator

Julia joined the Superior Watershed Partnership in 2023. She has a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Sustainability with a minor in Earth Science from Northern Michigan University. Julia works to help lower energy bills and promote energy efficiency by scheduling Home Energy Scores and home weatherization for SWP MEAP clients. Julia is passionate about environmental justice and enjoys serving the Upper Peninsula’s community.


Matthew Krause Great Lakes Conservation Corps Energy Technician

Matt joined the Superior Watershed Partnership in early 2022. As an Energy Technician, he performs
Home Energy Scores (HES) on homes all across Michigan's Upper Peninsula, informing and educating homeowners on how to more efficiently utilize energy. He also performs enhanced energy efficiency projects such as weatherization and solar project assistance on homes of people in need; with goals of lowering energy bills and making the homes of the SWP clientele more comfortable. Matt possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technologies from Michigan Technological University.


Seth Remer Great Lakes Conservation Corps Energy Technician

Seth works in the Energy and Climate Office as an Energy Services Technician. He performs Home Energy Scores to help clients better understand their energy usage, and works to improve their homes to reduce their energy costs. He has experience in skilled labor and teaching, and enjoys reading and
spending time outside.


Betty Nelson Caseworker

Betty began working for the Superior Watershed Partnership in late 2018. Betty brings 32 years of experience from working as a Medicaid Specialist with Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services. Betty assists clients over the phone and in-person ensuring the completion of MDHHS & MEAP program requirements. Betty brings outstanding customer service skills to the MEAP team.


Nathan Zaremba Caseworker

Nate joined the SWP MEAP team in early 2021 and helps assist clients throughout their energy assistance request application process, ensuring all of their needs are met – even the ones beyond what MEAP can offer. Nate possesses an Associate’s Degree in General Science and is currently working towards a B.S. in Social Work, both from Northern Michigan University. Nate finds working for MEAP to be very fulfilling and enjoys being able to help those in need around the U.P.


Bryanna Cass Caseworker

Bryanna joined the SWP MEAP team in 2022 as a Caseworker. Bryanna brings 14 years of customer
service skills to our clients. Bryanna assists clients through the energy assistance process. Bryanna has a degree in Business from Northern Michigan University. Bryanna enjoys assisting those in need
throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.