Superior Watershed Partnership Michigan Energy Assistance Program (SWP MEAP)


The SWP MEAP still has funds for single assists – see the One Time Application Packet on the bottom of this page and submit with partner organization or directly to the SWP.

The SWP, in cooperation with St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) and other project partners, is offering energy assistance for low-income UP residents during the 2017-2018 crisis season (October 1-September 30, 2018) or until funds are depleted.


  • Assistance with energy bills (for qualified applicants): energy assistance is available for electricity, natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and firewood.
  • Up to $1,500 for natural gas/propane/fuel oil/electric heat/wood and up to $1,500 for non-electric heat.
  • Energy Conservation Workshops
  • Home Energy Assessments
  • Affordable Payment Plans with DTE & SEMCO


In order to qualify for assistance, a family/household must be low-income with a total household income at or below the 150% US Federal Poverty Level. View the 2017 Federal Poverty Eligibility chart below:


When you apply you will be asked to provide all of the following to determine eligibility.

  1. Proof of income for everyone in their household for a minimum of 30 days prior to the request.  If the household does not have any income, a Zero Income Affidavit needs to be signed.
  2. Social Security numbers must be provided for everyone in the household.  A copy of the account holder’s Social Security card and State ID will be kept on file.
  3. Itemized utility bill (must have a past due balance or 25% or less of fuel or propane to qualify).
  4. Shut-off notice (if applicable).


  1. After approval of first request, clients are required to complete the Energy Conservation Workshop online  (code: 2018) or in person, before returning for any additional requests.
  2. Please call 906-273-2742 ext 11 if you are unable to complete the workshop in the ways listed above.


  1. After applying for SWP MEAP and successfully completing an In-person Energy Conservation Workshop, clients will receive an Energy Efficiency Kit valued at $25.00
  2. Affordable payment plans (APP) will be offered to customers of DTE and SEMCO for those households that are deemed eligible from the MEAP application screening process
  3. The Home Conservation Assessments will be offered to eligible clients who complete the Energy Conservation Workshop self-sufficiency requirement. Participating households can receive up to $100.00 of weatherization materials (ex; draft sealing, hot water pipe wrap, installing LED bulbs, etc.
  4. Clients must complete the In-person or online Energy Conservation Workshop, in order to receive additional assistance. If you are unable to complete the In-person or online Energy Conservation Workshop, please call the SWP.

Clients can apply to the SWP after receiving Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), State Emergency Relief (SER) or Low Income Home Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funds, however, it will count against the SWP MEAP cap. 

    1. Download or pick up the application.   Make sure your cumulative (total) household income is at or below the 2017 150% federal poverty level before completing the application (see chart above).  If your household qualifies, fill out forms completely.
    2. After your application and intake form are complete, call your local SWP MEAP Intake Agency to set up your appointment. Click here for a complete list of SWP MEAP Intake Agency Contacts.
    3. If you have previously applied, you may apply directly to the SWP.
    4. Bring the completed application and intake form to the appointment.  Also bring all the required documentation including:  itemized utility bill (must be past due to qualify for MEAP assistance) and shut-off notice (if applicable), Social Security cards for everyone in the household, official State or Federal ID for applicant and all proofs of income for the past 30 days from everyone in the household.  NOTE:  APPLICANT/ACCOUNT HOLDER ID MUST BE PRESENT AT THE APPOINTMENT.  Utility bill stub is not sufficient as it does not show the detailed break-down of your bill.  
    5. After your appointment, an intake representative will call you with the status of your application.  Please allow 10 business days after your appointment before calling your intake agency or the SWP for the status of your energy assistance.


One Time Application Packet

SEMCO Affordable Payment Plan Application

DTE Affordable Payment Plan Application


Low Income Self-Sufficiency Plan for DTE Natural Gas Consumers

Affordable Payment Plan for SEMCO Consumers


Zero Income Affidavit

Self-Employment Affidavit

Partner Contacts

How to Apply Directly to the SWP

Registering for an Energy Conservation Workshop Information

Online Energy Conservation Workshop (Code: 2018)

Energy Saver Guide

Still have questions? Call us at 906-273-2742 ext 0 or visit the State of Michigan website for more information on MEAP.


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 Marquette Better Buildings for Michigan

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The Marquette Better Buildings for Michigan Program was a part of a state-wide effort to bring voluntary home energy efficiency improvements to residents to help them save on their utility bills and feel more comfortable in their homes.

Marquette residents could choose from a Base Package that included simple energy efficiency improvements (CFLs, faucet aerators, etc) or an Enhanced Package that offer cost-sharing options for major home energy improvements (new windows, insulation, etc).

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The Superior Watershed Partnership supports kids (and parents) who conserve energy.  Learn more here.