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Great Lakes Climate Corps

Since 2000, GLCC crews have worked across jurisdictional boundaries in all fifteen counties of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to implement high priority hands-on conservation and restoration projects within three Great Lakes watersheds (Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron). GLCC crews are trained and supervised by experienced Crew Leaders and are equipped with a truck, tools, safety equipment, and camping gear for overnight stays at remote sites. All crews wear uniforms and receive first aid training along with other project-specific training prior to the field season. GLCC crews gain experience in a wide range of conservation and community projects including planting trees, building trail, recording data, restoring wetlands, protecting coastal habitat, and much more. The summer field season begins May 19th or 20th (depending on the position) and lasts 12 weeks until August 13th, 2021.

The 2021 GLCC application window has closed and the hiring process is ongoing.

GLCC 2020 Projects General Locations

GLCC takes pride in partnering with tribal, federal, state, and local stakeholders from throughout the Upper Peninsula. GLCC crews serve all three UP Great Lakes watersheds including Superior, Michigan, and Huron.

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The SWP has expanded the Great Lakes Climate Corps (GLCC) with the goal of completing more community based environmental projects throughout the Upper Peninsula. GLCC crews possess the ability to complete projects ranging from technical trail construction to habitat restoration. With passionate leaders and committed crew members the GLCC has the ability to complete nearly any project.

The GLCC is available for service to municipalities, nonprofit organizations, agencies, etc.

Please contact the SWP to determine rates and availability.