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100% Local

The Superior Watershed Partnership is a local Great Lakes non-profit organization serving the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


What does local really mean? It means the SWP is not affiliated with a larger statewide, national or multi-national conservation organization. The SWP is truly a 100% local, Upper Peninsula organization. The SWP completes a wide range of projects that benefit UP communities, enhance the UP environment and help protect the three Great Lakes that virtually surround the UP (Superior, Michigan and Huron). The SWP is focused on completing projects that provide documented, measurable results (cleaner water, more fish, less pollution, etc.). The SWP has a dedicated staff of biologists, planners and educators that provide creative, science-based solutions to address a variety of water quality, land use and community challenges. Consider giving a donation today!


The National Center for Charitable Statistics reports that the most effective and efficient non-profit organizations spend at least 75% of their annual budget on projects that support their mission. The SWP is proud to average closer to 85%. That means that 85% of every dollar contributed to the SWP goes towards programs that directly benefit the land, water and people of the Upper Peninsula.