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SWP Land Conservancy

SWP Land Conservancy Working to Protect Over Four Miles of the Sturgeon River

March 21, 2019

The Superior Watershed Partnership Land Conservancy (SWP) is announcing a new program to permanently protect over 4 miles of the wild Sturgeon River in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This unique 944 acre parcel includes over 21,000 linear feet of riverfront property. The SWP has launched an international campaign (US/Canada) to raise $2.1 million dollars to complete the purchase of this iconic Northwoods property that includes whitewater rapids, waterfalls, old growth forest, sheer granite cliffs and much more. The property also includes a variety of important terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

The current landowner is a strong conservationist and has requested that the SWP Land Conservancy protect the property in perpetuity; that includes addressing very real threats from potential mining. Therefore, the purchase includes the mineral rights. Mining companies have already conducted preliminary exploration flights over the Sturgeon River corridor, including this tract, and have identified geologic conditions similar to other sulfide-based ore bodies being actively developed or mined in the region. It’s worth noting that the EPA has categorized the northern Great Lakes watershed (US/Canada) as one of the most active mining exploration regions on the planet!  The Sturgeon flows south into the Menominee River before the merged waters reach Green Bay on Lake Michigan.  Protecting this property also protects Great Lakes water quality and indirectly benefits over 30 million people living downstream!

The land is currently private but once the campaign is completed, the land will be open to the public year round!  The SWP and the Great Lakes Conservation Corps (GLCC) are currently planning several miles of hiking trails, kayak launches and environmental education kiosks.   The Sturgeon River is perfect for kayaking, fishing, hiking and simply enjoying the wild northwoods!

The Superior Watershed Partnership Land Conservancy (SWP) is a nationally recognized, 100% local, 501 c 3 non-profit organization and a regional leader in Great Lakes protection and restoration. SWP staff possess expertise in conservation planning, environmental restoration, pollution prevention, field monitoring and project management. SWP Land Conservancy properties include Great Lakes coastal lands, riparian corridors, community forests, rare habitats and historic structures (including the Stannard Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior).


Carl Lindquist, SWP Executive Director

906-228-6095 ext. 14

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