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K-12 Schools

Each year the SWP makes an effort to work with K-12 educators and students.  There is not a more important audience than our kids.

Program Coordinator, Natasha Koss is pictured above talking to Marquette Senior High School students during a earth caching excursion along the Whetstone River.  The Whetstone is an ideal river for study given that it starts in a very wooded, natural setting, and travels underneath miles of concrete under the City of Marquette, then empties to Lake Superior.

Earth Caching is using a GPS device to locate landforms and natural landmarks.  It is similar to geo caching but instead of locating a box filled with objects, the participant is locating things in the natural world.

Are you interested in having someone from the SWP visit your classroom?  Give us a call.  The SWP is also always looking for interns or volunteers interested in doing environmental education and programming, year round.

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